Handmade Floral Tea
2017 — 2018

Year by year, month by month, we continue our lives in exhausting everyday life. Floél exists to provide precious comfort and health in your life. Floél focuses only on your inner peace and balanced health. Drink tea to regain your mental peace and heal your body with natural ingredients. Purely white space, intellectual and plain design philosophy extend to all areas of Floél.

Package Design 

Package Design - Special Gift box 
Hand-painted illustrations are printed on the front of the special gift box. Most of the packaging materials except the contents will be discarded after receiving the gift. Illustrations are put on the front of box so that the package is not discarded but can be used as a small item, and it is designed simply to match any interior by giving a white frame.

Bottle Design
The lid of the glass bottle was sealed with natural white rubber to express the characteristic of the tea which softly and slowly melts.

Photograph by Choe Minjung